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and Convertible Debt Facility


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Transaction Information
CorneaGen, a mission-driven company committed to transforming how corneal surgeons treat and care for the cornea, has completed a $37 million Series B financing and a $25 million convertible credit facility. The round was led by Flying L Partners in collaboration with Falcon Vision, a platform formed by KKR to advance innovation in ophthalmology.

ROTH Capital Partners acted as the financial advisor to the company.

CorneaGen intends to use the proceeds of the Series B financing to expand its market share and acquire and develop innovative corneal care products, services and technologies. One of the most promising is Cornea Cell Therapy, a treatment that involves culturing human eye endothelial cells and injecting them into the anterior chamber of a corneal blind patient’s eye. The injected cells have been shown to safely restore sight within a month, eliminating the need for more invasive corneal transplant surgery and transforming the lives of patients with impaired endothelial cell function who suffer from extreme vision loss or distortion. “We are moving forward with creating a subsidiary in Japan to drive obtaining regulatory approval to manufacture and commercialize the treatment,” said CorneaGen CEO Monty Montoya. “A single donated human cornea yields sight-restoring Cornea Cell Therapy treatments for 100 or more patients, so this will be a game-changer for corneal blind people around the world, especially in areas where access to donor tissue is restricted.”

All patients in Cornea Cell Therapy clinical trials in Japan reported clear corneas one month after the procedure and a full year of post-operative data shows their corneas continued to be healthy and clear.

CorneaGen also recently acquired the domestic eye bank operations of KeraLink International and now provides approximately 25% of domestic donor corneas for transplant surgeries.

About CorneaGen, Inc.
CorneaGen is a mission-driven company committed to transforming how corneal surgeons treat and care for the cornea. Based in Seattle, the company is innovating the next generation of cornea care, from new medical devices and cell therapy to treatments and interventions. CorneaGen supports corneal surgeons and their patients with a spectrum of services, including the latest in innovative products, delivery of the highest quality tissue, surgeon education and advocacy for patient access and reimbursement policies. For more information, please visit and (Source: Company Press Release | 10/07/19)

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Date of Announcement: 12/13/19

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