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ROTH Capital Partners Releases its 2016-2017 Millennial Mom Survey

Fifth annual proprietary survey examines current trends and spending patterns across five consumer categories

ROTH Capital Partners (“ROTH”), a full service investment bank focused on advising and financing growth companies, is pleased to announce the release of its 2016-2017 Millennial Mom Survey, its fifth annual proprietary survey examining current trends and spending patterns across five consumer categories including infant and juvenile products, food and grocery, dining and restaurants, healthy and active lifestyle, and apparel and accessories. The survey, conducted in partnership with Research Now, features 126 questions and was completed by 1,000 Millennial Mothers.

Key findings from the ROTH Millennial Mom Survey include:

  • A majority of Millennial Moms believe their economic status will eventually be better than their parents'

  • 90% of Millennial Moms are comfortable with brands communicating with them via their mobile device while they shop in-store

  • 59% of Millennial Moms are likely to write a review after visiting a restaurant

  • 53% of Millennial Moms are Amazon Prime members

  • The majority of Millennial Moms own between two and five pairs of yoga pants, and 16% own more than five pairs

  • About 50% of Millennial Moms are willing to pay a premium for socially responsible brands

  • 36% of Millennial Moms trust local food brands the most

“Millennials are changing the rules on how brands connect with consumers. We’ve seen this disruption across multiple consumer categories and have seen valuation multiples increase for business models that address these changes,” said Paul Zaffaroni, Managing Director of Consumer Investment Banking at ROTH.

“Not surprisingly, roughly 32% of spending by the Millennial Mom now occurs online, but more than 80% of her purchases are in some way influenced by the internet,” said David M. King, CFA, Senior Research Analyst at ROTH. “Winning brands will be those that successfully exploit the new path to purchase through e-distribution models and the leveraging of digital influencers and original content.”

For access to the ROTH Millennial Mom Survey, please contact your ROTH Representative at (800) 678-9147. 

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